Ramat Beit Shemesh D’

Living between the parks


The luxurious residential complex in Ramat Beit Shemesh D’3 was built to an exceptionally high standard.

On one side, it offers a stunning panoramic view, overlooking a spacious park, green and pastoral areas, gardens, and pathways.

On the other side, it is conveniently located near the active center of the neighborhood and within easy walking distance of shopping centers, synagogues, educational institutions, the neighborhood community center, and more.

This means that the residents of the project can enjoy both breathtaking scenery and vibrant social and community life, with diverse options in the fields of education, culture, commerce, and more.

The construction is done to the highest standard, with rich specifications, perfect finishing, and advanced environmental development.

Purchasers of the project will enjoy two adjacent green parks and an open landscape.

There are 4 and 5-room apartments, garden apartments, and penthouses available in various layouts and sizes.

The perfect place for those seeking high-quality residential living



5-room apartment
Garden apartment 5 room
4-room apartment
Garden apartment 3 room
4-room apartment
Penthouse 5 room